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jeudi 30 juin 2011, 00:29

Information request


I am new and need your help.
Please help me for have a good PDF, Video or... that show me step by step fabrication Zirconia crowns, Zirconia bridge by CAD/CAM technique.
I want know how can i fabricate full Zirconnia Crowns,Bridge and i want know what tools,Materials,... does i need for order to Zirkonzahn.com
I am wait for your good help.

Thank you


jeudi 30 juin 2011, 07:38

You can see some videos on: http://www.zirkonzahn.com/en/Videos.aspx
or contact the support!


jeudi 30 juin 2011, 12:10

Hello sml2010,

if you need more informatino about our products, please don't hesitate to call the Zirkonzahn Team Tel +39 0474 066 660
or write us a massage info@zirkonzahn.com.

Also you will find informations on our website. There are a lot of documents to download:

Here you will find the videos like Michael told you:

If you are interessted in in trainings concerning zirkon and CAD/CAM you will get informations here:
Depends of the country you are from it is possible to make a training with our partner in the country.

We are open for every kind of question and we are speaking a lot of different languages inhouse, so that the communication will not be a problem.

Best regards,
Stephanie (Zirkonzahn Team)


vendredi 1 juillet 2011, 11:55

Hello sml 2010,
welcome to the forum.
In addition to our administrator Stephanie I would like to give you in my honest opinion the advice to visit a education event from Zirkonzahn to get familiar with this wonderful but very complex system and to prevent bad success and frustration.
Good luck!
Happy CADCAM !


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