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samedi 2 mars 2013, 16:17



We are a Estedent dental lab from Israel, about 1 week ago we bought m5 milling machine with s600 3d scaner
We have some questions about scan software:

1) How can I scan my upper and lower archers with a simple ocludator, for working at the same time on upper bridges and lower bridges

2) I was scanned my impression for post and core sucessfully, also I was converted this this scan on impression by put on button impression, but when i'am going to set a insertion direction, it write me (invalid insertion direction, the current view on view on surfase seem to be upside-down)

3) I was scanned arch with 8 scan markers, when I going to implant registration, i was chose Zimmer 3,5, and after I clicking on best fit matching, it totates me the platform on 180 degrees at all 8 implants

can you help me please?

thank you ?(


lundi 4 mars 2013, 10:12


I think the best way is to call the support at zirkonzahn!
The other way is to join a seminar of them...


lundi 4 mars 2013, 11:19

thank you

I don't speak english well, so where I can write a message for support?


lundi 4 mars 2013, 14:51

Here is a partner lab in Tel-Aviv:
Shenhav-Dental Studio[/b]
7 Ha-Omanim St.
67897 Tel-Aviv
Tel: +972 35620429
Fax: +972 35627880


lundi 4 mars 2013, 17:30

I was bought m5 milling machine from them, but they don't have a support well
With this reason I founding a good support for me, does zirkonzahn himself have support team with e-mail?


mardi 5 mars 2013, 09:07

Sorry, I would say, that it is nearly impossible to have success with 5 Tec without having a introduction or a seminar. It is a great system but you should have a training to enjoy all the features and as I did some installs in the past I can tell you, that it ist really difficult/impossible to make training or troubleshooting only via email.
Please call Zirkonzahn and ask them for possibilities for you.

Best regards
Happy CADCAM !


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